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Raequael Patterson, MBA,  is an  everyday on-the-go mama who has had the amazing opportunity to breastfeed two very special little guys. As an exclusive pumper who maintains a full-time career in Governmental Auditing and a Religious Community Leader, Raequael knows first hand what it is to pump on-the-go. She has had the luxury of pumping on the plane, in the car between business meetings, and anywhere else you can imagine. She is no stranger to the pump life and although her baby did not nurse directly, she believes her breastfeeding journey was worth documenting. 

Prior to having children, Raequael enjoyed reading and researching financial trends as well as spending quality time with her husband and dog. Lately her life consists of pumping a minimum 6 times a day for her little ones. 

"I decided to write this book with you in mind! It wasn't because there was no information available on exclusively pumping but because I have never seen a one-stop manual/book on all the information that I needed while on this journey. And not to mention, it is a quick read for all the mama's that are always on the go. I promise that if you read this book you will be encouraged to keep pumping and you will hopefully see results." 

                                          Keep Pumping Mama, 


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