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There's no mama like a breastfeeding mama, 

because a breastfeeding mama don't stop! 

(Well not until she or the baby are ready to stop)

Wherever you are on your breastfeeding journey, know that there is an entire community of mamas who are awake at the pump, working at the pump, deciding whether they really want to pump, and agitated by the pump! We are here along with THIS book to help you on your journey!

PUMP MAMA PUMP is a book that provides tools and tips for EVERYDAY mamas looking for support and encouragement on their pumping journey. We have collaborated with other mamas to develop a quick, easy-to-read guide on increasing milk supply, storing milk and some of the most common issues related to breastfeeding . No matter your level of expertise with pumping/breastfeeding, this book was created with YOU in mind!

We wrote this book in hopes to normalize pumping and to let the world know that PUMPING is BREASTFEEDING!

Here at PUMP MAMA PUMP we are here to help you reach all of your breastfeeding goals and provide you with the necessary resources to do so. 

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